Weaving a Hanging Wall Decor Piece on Cardboard

Saturday, January 14, 2017 0

Lately on my Instagram I’ve been seeing all kind of beautiful woven pieces being sold on Etsy. I follow the accounts for inspiration, of course, and challenged myself to make one. You see, purchasing one can cost me as much $50 or even more depending on the size…. I can’t pay that. I won’t. After all, weaving is something that I remember learning back in about third grade in art class.

Maybe with some patience I can tune back into those third grade weaving skills…

I like neutral colors. Soft looking. Texture. Ooh la la. I want to bring beautifulness to a bedroom. 


Here is a pictures of my finished product.

I scoured the internet for the perfect tutorial. And I found several. I was on the search for easy. Not only easy but something that doesn’t require special tools (since I don’t have a loom and don’t really want to purchase one at this time).

I went to Walmart and then later Michaels Arts and Crafts Store with coupons in hand, of course!!!

I never buy anything at any arts and craft store without a coupon. 



If you are looking to weave a decor wall piece. Do it! It was cheap. Easy. And best of all, it was finished in just a quick weekend. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take the entire weekend. Just a few hours here and there during the weekend. 

Rather than write in detail all the steps of how making it, I’m sharing with you two of the websites I used to make mine.

  1. The Weaving Loom does a great job of teaching exactly how to make a loom out of card board. 
  2. A Beautiful Mess shares easy to follow basic instruction on weaving. It also includes instructions on making those beautiful tassals at the end!

Have fun!!! Enjoy these tutorials! Soon you will have a beautiful new textured wall decor hanging piece. 


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October Life Update

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 0

Hello Friends, 

I can’t believe another month has come and gone! I hope everyone had a great month. Let’s rewind in time and see what’s happened for me in October…


Canton First Monday Trade Days

Well, this October I discovered the Canton First Monday Trade Days. Wow, oh wow I must say! This flea market is a DREAM for vintage and antique lovers like myself. I absolutely loved it and as I sit here in early November typing up this post and reminiscing about October, I must share that I loved it so much that I attended again just this past weekend. Antiques galore! I highly recommend it. 

I decorated my front porch for the fall and added a little bit of Halloween flair with my Jack-o-lanterns. I also made my front porch a little bit country by adding my steer skull.

Texas Front Porch Fall Decor



New Plants in my Garden

Also, I am very excited to say that planted some fruit plants this month. I added raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry plants. I learned through some research the fall season is a great time to plant these as it gives them to time to establish themselves while the weather is still nice. I learned that these plants will go dormant over the winter and will devote their energy to strengthening their roots. I hope they bloom in the springs! I’ll keep you updated.

Planting berries in Texas


Austin City Limits

I took the hubby to his very first ACL Music Festival! Among my favorite shows were Awolnation, The Strumbellas and the Chainsmokers! 




DIY Faux Shiplap Laundry Room Make Over

Last but not least- I bought myself some power tools! I am now the proud owner of a miter saw, jig saw and nail gun. With those tools I transformed my laundry room from 90’s to amazing! I found a material that is lightweight and easy to use. I also found the perfect shade of white to create an airy and beautiful space. I am still working on decorating my laundry room but for now I am happy with the results. 



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DIY Distressing and Aging Terra Cotta Pots

Saturday, October 22, 2016 0

It’s time to add a little farmhouse look to the front porch.

Vintage looking items… antiques… distressed. Anything old and farm like. Let’s go with pots. I’ll attempt to distress in the easiest and cheapest way possibly my flower pots. Would you agree that there is just something that attracts the eye to an old looking flower pot?

While I was at my moms house, I found some old empty terra cotta pots and I brought them home not knowing exactly what I would do with them at that point in time. Now, they sit on my front porch with my fall decor. They fit in flawlessly with my pumpkins and antique decor. All I did was add a little acrylic paint and voila!… I’ve now got myself some aged and distressed (or so they appear) terra cotta plants. 

Here is a picture of my boring pots before placed on a paint drip cloth ready to be distressed.



What you’ll need:

Terra Cotta Plant Pots

Drip cloth (or plastic, paper)

Acrylic paint (I used white, tan and brown colors)

Sponge brush (or regular brush)

Cup with water

Sandpaper (optional)


First, place your paints on a flat disposible surface such as a plastic or paper plate. I used the box lid shown in the picture above. I placed a small amount of each paint on there but did not mix them. 

Next, wet your pots and leave them soaking wet. Do not dry off. I used the water hose in my back yard. 

Dip your brush in the water and leave it wet by not shaking off the excess water. The combination of the excess water on the flower pots and brush will help dilute the paint and make it slightly runny. Paint (or smear) the paint not the wet terra cotta pots. Blend the colors together on the pot to get your desired color. Allow the pot to dry. 



That’s it! If you would like to thin out some of the thicker painted areas, once it dries you can sand it softly with some sandpaper. 

Here is one of my finished distressed and aged Terra Cotta Pot! I am very happy with it on my porch. 


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DIY Painting a Brass Colored Fireplace Screen

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 0

Ok, so the color gold is beautiful and I love to wear it as jewelry BUT…. let’s just say it doesn’t really go with my desired farmhouse look I want in my house. The existing screen at my house is just that, its gold and a  little dated in my eyes. This means it must go. I decided to keep it but transform it with a little spray paint. Instead of purchasing a new one, I simply painted it. And the paint worked incredibly well!





We bought our new house and the previous homeowners left their old fireplace screen behind. That’s great you’d think! One less item to buy. After all, it’s not an ugly fireplace screen by any means. Unfortunately for me, the brass color simply did not match any of my decor. 

I decided that I’d try and paint it just to see if I could make it work. What’s the worst that could happen? I don’t like it now. Worse case scenario, I still won’t like it after. 


Here’s an AFTER picture:



Painting my fireplace screen was easy! And I ended up loving it in this black color. I think it looks great.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

The cost of the spray paint was just $3.88.  I got my spray paint from Lowe’s. I had the drip cloth at home from previous painting projects but I also originally bought it at Lowe’s. 

The steps to painting are incredibly easy! First, you’ll place your drip cloth outside in a well ventilated area. I used my back porch. Remember that you’ll leave your fireplace screen outside for a little while during the drying process (that won’t take long, I promise). So, place it out of your way. Place your fireplace screen on the drip cloth. 




Just shake the can and spray evenly. Pay close attention to corners as you spray. You can flip it over later after it dries to paint the back side. I didn’t. I only painted the front side that can be seen. I’m perfectly happy with just painting the front side.




So, instead of throwing out that fireplace screen that is not your color of choice. Simply spray paint it.

Total cost of project $3.88.

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September Life Update

Thursday, October 6, 2016 0

Hello Friends, 

It’s about time I give an update…

As I said before we bought a house and MOVED which I am really excited about! So much has happened but we’ll catch up little by little, I promise. 


My First Garden 

This September has been exciting. First of all, I started a garden last month and I’ve had success (well, a little success). But any success must be celebrated, right? My summer squash and cucumbers are taking off and my squash plants have already produced MANY squash. They are tasty. Both for us and our little doggie, Kiya. Yes, our dog still eats homemade dog food.



That’s my garden starting out! Obviously now its MUCH bigger. Check out my Instragram for more photos and an occasional video here and there. 

The garden is a learning process for me. I got overly excited and ordered many seeds only to find that…. well let’s just say that even though my research said to go ahead and plant those in August, it turned out not to be the right time for me. It was still too hot I assume and sadly some of my seedlings didn’t make it. But my success so far with squash and cucumbers I’m very happy with!! I’ll keep trying (and learning) with the rest of the seeds as time goes by. 



In some aspects, this house is updated… While in others, it needs, let’s just say, some love. Slowly (really slowly), we’ve been DIY-ing everything we can. One project at a time. We still have a long way to go but I’ll keep on moving and hopefully I can share some of our updates. So far we’ve done a entire yard clean up project (thanks to Dad for coming out), we replaced all carpeting and said goodbye to 90’s green carpet, we painted the kitchen, breakfast area and bathroom, we replaced the 90’s tile in the entryway with a more unique look (thanks for my favorite show Fixer Upper for the inspiration) and I’ve replaced light fixtures and installed appliances. Yes, it’s true. Home depot was supposed to install our new dryer BUT they ummm “forgot” some supplies and so a couple of tears later (out of frustration that I accidentally put it on incorrectly and had to start all over), I later celebrated my accomplishment that I did it! I installed the dryer all on my own. Woohoo!!!





I love you September…

Those of you that know me well know that September is one of my favorite months. There are some special birthdays this month including my brother and my little doggie. Kiya celebrated 14 years by the way…

Also, Brian and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!!!! And we celebrated on a cruise to Alaska. It was great. We went from Seattle to Vancouver by train. We embarked on our first cruise EVER from Vancouver for 7 amazing days in one of the most beautiful– actually probably the MOST beautiful state I’ve experienced so far. I will tell you that being my first cruise I was concerned about sea sickness and I traveled prepared with Dramamine in hand BUT no need! The cruise was perfection. 




In conclusion,

Just Kidding!! My writing is far from formal… September has been great. Life is good and busy. Don’t forget to follow my personal Instagram to see the occasional picture of house updates or gardening– I’m much better about posting there than here.

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We bought a house!

Monday, July 11, 2016 0

Hello Friends, 

Wow! So much has happened! I’ve been living in Dallas for about one year. I got an amazing new job at the beginning of the year and I am still loving it and enjoying it every day! And since then, Brian and I have been working on finding our dream home.

Well, we found it! We found our dream home.




And we’ve moved. We’ve been here almost one month and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. It’s been a crazy adventure that has been jam packed with new tasks. It was a big move for us. As you know, we’ve been living the city life in Dallas but we’ve made the big move out to a more rural setting.

Well, it’s not too rural but just rural enough to make the move a little nerve wracking. I must say that I’ve learned so many new things. Things I never thought I’d be doing such as mowing the lawn and weed eating it. Soon I’ll start my garden amongst many other new things I look forward to sharing with you. 

Stay tuned. I’m excited to post and share my new adventures with you. 

Oh, and I’ve been posting some fun pictures on my personal Instagram . Feel free to join me there! 

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