Why I Feed My Dog Homemade Meals

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Homemade dog meals do save money. 

However, that’s NOT the only reason that I choose to supplement my dogs meals. “Real” whole foods for dogs, in my opinion, are healthier.

If you follow this blog, you know that I recently lost my dog to cancer. After his diagnosis I researched causes of dog cancer and my research reinforced my suspicion that much like it can occur in people, foods can be the direct cause of cancer in dogs.

And it made me think and reflect about the nutrition that I’d been providing for my dogs. Is it healthy? Do I really know what I’m feeding my pet? The answer is no.   

I’m by no means a veterinary expert. What I do know is that whole foods rather than processed foods are the healthier option. So, I, as a pet owner, have made the personal decision to supplement my dogs diet with homemade dog food.

And here is why:


1) Homemade Dog Foods Save Money

Dog foods are expensive. I try to stay away from most foods sold in grocery stores that are highly processed and if you are like me, you know that dog food can get pricey. According to The Bark, a 15 lb bag of high-quality dog food can cost on average $42. Mix that daily with wet dog food and feeding a medium size dog will cost approximately $5 per day!

Since I supplement my dogs diet with fresh foods, the kibble bag I have at home will last me a very long time. And that’s because I use the fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats that I already purchased for my home.


2) Homemade Dog Foods are healthier

Think about it. If fresh foods are healthier for humans, then why wouldn’t fresh foods be healthier for our pets? In humans, fresh foods have less fat, more vitamins, less additives and preservatives. Fresh foods can prevent disease such as cancers and maintain a healthier body weight. Research shows that these health benefits can be seen in pets also. 

The ingredient list on the Kibble bag claims to include meats, vegetables and fruits. And in that case, I’ll just add those ingredients myself. Of course, the ingredients I add must be plain without seasonings. Leftovers human dishes are not recommend. Simply cook meats without seasoning or add fresh chopped fruits and vegetables, those are the best. Foods can also be pureed if you prefer. 


Fruits and veggies for Dog

Spinach, Cooked Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple


Why I Choose to Supplement Instead of Replacing Entirely 

I am not a nutrition expert for pets. I don’t want to feed an unbalanced diet lacking certain minerals or vitamins.  It’s that simple.

I start with a high-quality grain-free product and supplement.  

If you are considering supplementing your dogs diet, I do encourage you to do your own research and question your vet so that you can make the best decision. Also, before feeding ANY vegetable, fruit or meat, do your research to make sure it is safe for your dog. There are some highly toxic foods that must be avoided. 

Stay tuned! Soon I’ll post some of my dog food “recipes”. 

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