Happy Doggies, Banana Bread Beer, Zarkana, Vegas SNOW & more!

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Dear Friends,

Wow! I can’t believe that February has come and gone! It seems like just yesterday I did my January edition of My Life in A Nutshell but here we are again. This February had a bit of a slow start but as it always does, life got busy busy BUSY!! Here’s a quick look at my life in February. Here’s….. My Life in A Nutshell 🙂


Weekend off for Hubby

Well we had a very great start to the month! Those of you that know my husband know that my aviation nerd NEVER gets a weekend off. It’s very rare for this to happen and when it does happen we consider it a very special occasion! Lucky for us- Brian unexpectedly had the first weekend of February off of work. And we took advantage of it! We started off our weekend right by spending some much needed family time with our adorable pups. We took our sweet pups on long walks and to the park. They were so happy and had huge doggie smiles.




The weekend couldn’t have started off more perfect. Sleeping in, doggie time and to top it off- the weather was absolutely amazing and it turned out to the perfect weekend for bike rides. So, we traded in our car keys that weekend to ride our bikes instead. We took our bikes out several times and even went out to lunch and to have drinks thanks to our gorgeous Nevada weather. What a wonderful weekend we had! It was much appreciated too since we knew that the following weekend a Valentine’s Day celebration was out of question due to Brian work schedule.


The Best Banana Bread Beer EVER

Since my hubby was working all Valentines weekend long, there couldn’t have of been a more perfect time to have a close girlfriend visit. My great friend Christina came into town just to see me and I was thrilled! For us a fun “girls” weekend was long overdue and we really took advantage of our time together. We have such a fun time! We went to the Container Park for late night drinks, Commonwealth Bar, Chippendales Show, Hyde Nightclub and to a 50 Shades of Grey movie showing. We really enjoyed a weekend of girl talk and dancing! Plus we found a delicious new Banana Bread beer that we both LOVE!




Us girls didn’t forget about the best husband in the world either. Since he was working on Valentine’s Day, we surprised him and his coworkers with a beautiful delivery of Valentine’s Day donuts from Pink Box Donuts. Yum yum yum yum!!!!! 




And to his surprise, at home he had several flavors of his favorite ice creams waiting in the freezer. These were extra special since at our home we don’t eat dessert often. Brian was very excited! The weekend ended and I was sad to see Christina go but I was very grateful that she took the time out of her busy special to spend some time with me.



The following weekend we went to see a show. We saw Zarkana at the Aria. I really LOVED it! Brian said it reminded him too much of a circus and he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did BUT I loved it because I love acrobats! It makes my anxiety rise just a little but I’m always in awe at those amazing tricks they do. Before anyone says anything- YES they do let you take pictures in this show!! 🙂 





Vegas Snow

That Sunday, it had been raining off and on all day long. It was a normal Sunday and when I went to sleep it was raining but when I woke up there was a wonderful surprise waiting for me outside the window- SNOW!!! It was beautiful!


Snow in Vegas 2015 

“Big” of the Month!

Last but not least, my February ended with a wonderful surprise. I was “Big” of the month for the month of February!



I hope everyone has had a great start to March! Thanks for reading 🙂 

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