I’ve Arrived in Dallas!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 0

I’m back!!! As most of you know, I’ve been away from my little blog for quite some time. BUT I’m back now and I’m very excited to get back to posting!

Here’s what happened… In April, my husband was offered an amazing new job opportunity. It was a great offer that he couldn’t pass up. He took it and so we’ve relocated and moved to Dallas, Texas. Brian moved in April. I stayed an additional six weeks in Las Vegas, sold the house, packed it up for shipping and just arrived in Dallas last week. It’s been a hectic six weeks and although I’m excited about this new beginning, it does come with some big changes to our lives that to me will take just a little bit of time to get used to. 



Getting used to Apartment Living

First, we are now living in an apartment. Yes, this is a huge change for us but one that fortunantly I’m starting to get used to. For starters, our apartment is just 900 sq feet (if even that). It’s a small space and since we moved from a three bedroom home, we have an abundance of furniture that is now waiting in storage.

The good? The bad? The Ugly? About the apartment, you ask?

GOOD: It’s easier to clean. It takes me a fraction of the time than the house did. Also, it’s only a two mile drive to Brian’s work which saves time and gas money. Third, the dogs LOVE exploring and going for walks on all of the “potty” breaks. I believe that it’s possible that they may like the apartment better than the house. 

BAD: My girl dog Kiya can have a bit of an attitude at times when it comes to greeting other dogs. She wasn’t used to sharing such close quarters with other dogs but now she’s starting to get used to it and starting to drop the attitude (thank goodness). 

UGLY: Our furniture is in storage costing us too much moola… ugh…. Plus, there is absolutely no storage in this apartment which makes me feel extremely unorganized. 


Living Off One Income

I don’t have a job as of now and for the time being we are adjusting to living off of just one income. This is the very first time we’ve experienced this and so its been quite difficult for me. Brian is perfectly okay with it, but I, on the other hand, am used to being employed. I’ve had a job since I was 16 years old and I’m finding it difficult to adjust! It has only been a week of unemployment I must remind myself..

The good? The bad? The Ugly? About living off one income, you ask?

GOOD: I have the time to run errands, clean and cook. As everyone knows, in a working household, those items take the back burner. But now, I have the time. It’s GREAT! Our lives run so much smoother. Also, I get to hang out and see my husband. In the past, we had completely opposite schedules and never had a day off together. He was asleep when I was awake and I was awake when he was asleep. 

BAD: My heart aches thinking that my husband is working so hard and I’m just at home. I want to contribute. 

UGLY: LESS Money!!! Need I say more?


Changes coming to this blog…

Since I’ve moved and Smith’s Grocery Stores do not exist out here, obviously I can’t concentrate on those deals in my blogging. I’m forced to make changes to my blog but hopefully those changes will be something that you enjoy. It will still be a money saving blog that is concentrated on money saving deals, tips and ideas but I must admit that I am still trying to find my exact place in the blogging world. 

For now, this blog will be a diary of my money saving journey in my new life in Dallas. 

I encourage you to please come back, check in and send me suggestions and comments. 

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