September Life Update

Thursday, October 6, 2016 0

Hello Friends, 

It’s about time I give an update…

As I said before we bought a house and MOVED which I am really excited about! So much has happened but we’ll catch up little by little, I promise. 


My First Garden 

This September has been exciting. First of all, I started a garden last month and I’ve had success (well, a little success). But any success must be celebrated, right? My summer squash and cucumbers are taking off and my squash plants have already produced MANY squash. They are tasty. Both for us and our little doggie, Kiya. Yes, our dog still eats homemade dog food.



That’s my garden starting out! Obviously now its MUCH bigger. Check out my Instragram for more photos and an occasional video here and there. 

The garden is a learning process for me. I got overly excited and ordered many seeds only to find that…. well let’s just say that even though my research said to go ahead and plant those in August, it turned out not to be the right time for me. It was still too hot I assume and sadly some of my seedlings didn’t make it. But my success so far with squash and cucumbers I’m very happy with!! I’ll keep trying (and learning) with the rest of the seeds as time goes by. 



In some aspects, this house is updated… While in others, it needs, let’s just say, some love. Slowly (really slowly), we’ve been DIY-ing everything we can. One project at a time. We still have a long way to go but I’ll keep on moving and hopefully I can share some of our updates. So far we’ve done a entire yard clean up project (thanks to Dad for coming out), we replaced all carpeting and said goodbye to 90’s green carpet, we painted the kitchen, breakfast area and bathroom, we replaced the 90’s tile in the entryway with a more unique look (thanks for my favorite show Fixer Upper for the inspiration) and I’ve replaced light fixtures and installed appliances. Yes, it’s true. Home depot was supposed to install our new dryer BUT they ummm “forgot” some supplies and so a couple of tears later (out of frustration that I accidentally put it on incorrectly and had to start all over), I later celebrated my accomplishment that I did it! I installed the dryer all on my own. Woohoo!!!





I love you September…

Those of you that know me well know that September is one of my favorite months. There are some special birthdays this month including my brother and my little doggie. Kiya celebrated 14 years by the way…

Also, Brian and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!!!! And we celebrated on a cruise to Alaska. It was great. We went from Seattle to Vancouver by train. We embarked on our first cruise EVER from Vancouver for 7 amazing days in one of the most beautiful– actually probably the MOST beautiful state I’ve experienced so far. I will tell you that being my first cruise I was concerned about sea sickness and I traveled prepared with Dramamine in hand BUT no need! The cruise was perfection. 




In conclusion,

Just Kidding!! My writing is far from formal… September has been great. Life is good and busy. Don’t forget to follow my personal Instagram to see the occasional picture of house updates or gardening– I’m much better about posting there than here.

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