How Do I Get Started Couponing?

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Thank you for asking such a great question! If you are new to this whole couponing thing, I have a couple of recommendations for you.

 How Do I get Started Couponing

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Start Saving your Inserts

By this I mean, save the ENTIRE insert. When you get them, don’t get too scissor happy. There is no need to cut each and every coupon out, sort or organize. Just leave the insert as-is. This will make it much easier for you to find the coupon that you need when you need it. Plus, clipping coupons can be far too time consuming and they can be easily misplaced.

Instead, when you receive your coupon inserts simply look them over for any immediate grocery needs and file the rest of the coupons away. 


Label the Insert with the Date

Before filing your coupon insert, label the front of the insert with the date. To find the published date, check the spine of the insert and write that date on the front cover. Most couponing blogs will post deals by telling you the name of the insert (Smart Source, Proctor & Gamble or Red Plum) and the date.


Follow Blogs to your Favorite Store

You’ll save the MOST money when you use coupons while the product is on sale. Blogs are great resources that will find both advertised and non advertised deals for you. When bloggers find those deals, they’ll tell you exactly which coupon insert will lead you to that specific coupon. Many blogs will also post deals for printable coupons and provide you with a link.  

Remember, coupons are regional so coupons may vary slightly from region to region. There might be times when certain deals are posted but the coupon is not available to you in your region. That’s always a bummer but it happens.


Review your Store Ad

Believe it or not, with some time, you will get somewhat familiar with the coupons you have on hand. So, look over your ad before heading out to the store. If you need an item, have a coupon for it and it’s on sale then you’ve just done your very own coupon match-up.   

Happy Coupon Shopping 🙂  


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