Weaving a Hanging Wall Decor Piece on Cardboard

Saturday, January 14, 2017 0

Lately on my Instagram I’ve been seeing all kind of beautiful woven pieces being sold on Etsy. I follow the accounts for inspiration, of course, and challenged myself to make one. You see, purchasing one can cost me as much $50 or even more depending on the size…. I can’t pay that. I won’t. After all, weaving is something that I remember learning back in about third grade in art class.

Maybe with some patience I can tune back into those third grade weaving skills…

I like neutral colors. Soft looking. Texture. Ooh la la. I want to bring beautifulness to a bedroom. 


Here is a pictures of my finished product.

I scoured the internet for the perfect tutorial. And I found several. I was on the search for easy. Not only easy but something that doesn’t require special tools (since I don’t have a loom and don’t really want to purchase one at this time).

I went to Walmart and then later Michaels Arts and Crafts Store with coupons in hand, of course!!!

I never buy anything at any arts and craft store without a coupon. 



If you are looking to weave a decor wall piece. Do it! It was cheap. Easy. And best of all, it was finished in just a quick weekend. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take the entire weekend. Just a few hours here and there during the weekend. 

Rather than write in detail all the steps of how making it, I’m sharing with you two of the websites I used to make mine.

  1. The Weaving Loom does a great job of teaching exactly how to make a loom out of card board. 
  2. A Beautiful Mess shares easy to follow basic instruction on weaving. It also includes instructions on making those beautiful tassals at the end!

Have fun!!! Enjoy these tutorials! Soon you will have a beautiful new textured wall decor hanging piece. 


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